Strength in size​​

​Our large fleet means we have large working capacity.   Vinton Tree Services can take on simultaneous projects with ease or large scale jobs from start to finish.   This is particularly important in times of emergency and natural disaster.
Our fully qualified, in house service team ensures all our equipment is fully maintained to the highest possible standards, ensuring maximum productivity and minimal downtime.  In the unlikely event of a breakdown our mobile field response unit is on call to attend for speedy repairs, or a replacement machine will be promptl
y provided.

Safety is our top priority

A risk assessment is conducted at every job site prior to work commencing, minimising potential damage to property and injury to the public or to our team. We prepare written work method statements that detail the safe work requirements we will employ while on site.

We work only to the highest standards and with the greatest integrity. The long term relationships we have established with our clients speak volumes for our safety record, our performance and the results we deliver.

Aged, palm and weed free forest mulch is available now from our Brisbane depot in Kingston for pick up or delivery within the greater Brisbane metro region. 

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All chippable material is mulched and stockpiled and regularly turned for a minimum 3 months to ensure it is clean and free from weed seed and vermin.  Regular turning combined with the heat generated by natural decomposition means that there is minimal possibility of germination of any seeds within the mulch and that the seeds will become sterile and hence unviable. We also have a bio-security permit to move our mulch.

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